The Ultimate Anti-Procrastinator: The Pomodoro Technique

pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that breaks down your work time into 25-minute intervals (each interval is called a ‘Pomodoro‘) separated by 5 minute breaks. The idea is that by working in cycles with frequent breaks you are able to keep your mind fresh and focused on the task at hand, especially when working for long hours.

Anyone who has stayed up late or pulled an all-nighter cramming for a final knows that studying for hours on end takes a toll on your brain. And usually the longer you work, the harder it becomes to stay focused.

Because the Pomodoro Technique forces you to take breaks, it keeps your brain alert and allows you to be more efficient and focused without getting burnt out. This allows you to be more productive over longer periods of time.

The key to doing this right is to be 100% focused on your work during each 25-minute interval with no distractions (if you have to use a computer, I recommend closing all tabs/windows that you’re not using).

Of course, if you are working on something that you are really interested in you might be able to work on it for hours straight and not want to take a break because you’re ‘in the zone,’ but for those tasks that you are less interested in and require a little extra motivation to complete, the Pomodoro technique is a great way to force yourself to focus in short bursts without distractions. It can be daunting to work on a task for an unspecified amount of time, but anyone can concentrate for 25 minutes.

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There are online apps like focus booster that make it extremely easy to follow the Pomodoro technique and allow you to change the interval settings to your own preferences.

But if you’re really struggling with distractions, or when it’s crunch time and you have absolutely no time for lollygagging, I recommend using the Google Chrome extension (if you’re not using Google Chrome, you should) called Strict Workflow.

This extension not only enforces the 25 minute work/5 minute break work flow, but also features a blacklist and whitelist. The blacklist is a block list to block the sites that are most distracting to you until the break session starts. Alternatively, the whitelist is an allow list which only allows you to access the websites you need while everything else is blocked.

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