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Stefano Ganddini

If I needed to come up with a list of the best writers in the college/early career space, Stefano would be at the top of my list. He’s got an uncommon amount of insight and experience so soon out of college, but more importantly, his writing is detailed, useful, and entertaining.” – Thomas Frank, Creator of College Info Geek

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Whether you want to admit it or not, the fact remains — people with amazing social skills tend to be more successful than those without.

And the thing that bothers me the most is that while social skills might be one of the most valuable skills you can possibly have, we rarely look at it as a learnable skill that can be systematically improved.

In this 12-page PDF guide, I’ll show you 7 quick tips that will immediately make you a better networker… Even if you’re super shy and HATE networking.

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I’ve been following Collegetopia for almost a year now, and I had the most productive/accomplished year so far… this blog has brought so much value to my college career.” – Tiffany Belfiore, Sophomore at University of Arkansas

Sometimes, all it takes is for a few words on the screen to trigger a thought process in the reader’s brain and propel them to take action. Stefano’s blog has that effect.” – Nupur Joshi, Self-employed Investor

Collegetopia is a voice in the sea of noise. Each article is the perfect blend of inspirational and practical advice, helping the millenial generation achieve everything they want out of life.” – Jeff Li, IT Consultant

Stefano Ganddini is a black-belt life optimizer.” – USC Viterbi Magazine